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livingfrugal's Journal

Living Frugally and environmentally friendly
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Here is the description of the yahoo group, which fairly much discribes what I hope for in this LJ community as well.
This is a group based in Australia of people wishing to live frugally and gently on our planet, and to share ways of living like this. In many ways it's also hopefully going to be a resource bank of information we can glean from the older members of our society, especially those who lived through the great depression, second world war, and who learned to make a little go a long way. Environmentally friendly and caring people most welcome! Please come and share your own ideas, talk to the senior members of your communities and encourage them to share the wealth of 'survival skills' they learned living when times were hard. This is both for those who need to live this way due to low income, and those who choose to live a more frugal existence for other reasons. Don't assume anything about any other member, treat everyone with the respect you would like to receive yourself. And the 'one rule' from lists I ran in earlier years "Only send mail you would be happy to receive from others".
Welcome, come and start sharing.

Please also feel free to add links, photos or anything else you would like to share to the shared files, links, photos area of this group. Invitations and notifications of other useful groups, websites, etc which are in keeping with the theme of this list are MOST welcome (I'm not one of those grumpy "don't advertise your groups on MY group" people, this is OUR group, not MY group, I"m just the 'listdad'). Please note that posts advertising dating and singles sites and other similar 'spam' type mail will result in the member being unsubscribed and the post deleted. Repeat offenders will be banned. I'm not difficult to get on with, if you have a problem please feel free to email me at suevill@alphalink.com.au.
We also have a new Livejournal space, for those who don't know much about Livejournal, it's fun, it's friendly and it's FREE. I am the moderator/owner of this LJ community but like this, its open to anyone.

If anyone would like to add userpics, please email them to me and I will add them (I can compress to icon size if necessary)>