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Living Frugally and environmentally friendly [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Living Frugally and environmentally friendly

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getting out of debt [Aug. 17th, 2007|02:19 pm]
Living Frugally and environmentally friendly
I am a music teacher, and some of my students pay me by school term
and some pay by half-term. So where I stand at the moment, nearly all
of my students have paid me for the half-term that ends today, and
some have paid me for the full term. Also there are a couple of
students who have already paid enough to cover them up to halfway into
next term. The good news: I have a record that on the 7th July I was
in debt by about $5000. Then yesterday, according to my credit card
balance, savings account balance and cash in my wallet, by deficit was
down to about $550!! Not quite as good as it sounds, as I probably
owe something between $2000 and $3000 in bills, and even apart from
that my deficit will increase further between now and the end of the
term, as I probably won't be paid much more until then, and my
business overheads are considerable. Still, I am getting somewhere.
When I get paid for next term it should clear my credit card debt, and
I might POSSIBLY have enough money left over to last me into mid
January, if i am frugal enough. (I have a 55-days-interest-free
credit card, so if I dip into my credit card after mid-Jan, then even
if my students don't pay me until after lessons start again in
February that will still be soon enough to make the card payment). In
the meantime, I will have to see how big my bill will be for the past
three years' tax returns! Well anyway, it's good to know that now I
am earning enough to be able to save plenty. Also I recently got a
slow-cooker, which has been very handy for lazy cooking and cheap eating:)
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What a nice New Community! [Oct. 13th, 2006|10:58 am]
Living Frugally and environmentally friendly

Hello. I love living gently on this earth. We do it as a matter of lifestyle. My partner and I both belong to our local community garden and this not only helps so that we always have fresh veggies on the table, it has made an old, defunct bowling club come back to live and look beautiful. I will post some photos the next time I am there to take a few. It is amazing what our group has done in a year.

We also belong to freecycle.org and I would encourage anyone to join. It is free, easy and all you have to do is join and offer up something you no longer use that is still in fair shape..anything will do. Then you are free to partake of the bounty.

Another thing we do for fun is dumpster dive. It may seem silly but it really is quite fun. We mostly dive a gourmet produce market {all the old produce is chucked out into a clean, cardboard box stapled to a pallet so nothing is 'tainted'} We also find loads of bread and pastries out the back of bakeries. Any bread that has nuts or fruit in it must be disposed of at the close of business in our area, it is still in it's original packaging and they put it in huge flour bags as well. So that also never touches a 'filthy' dumpster.

Of course, who does not appreciate an upcoming Council Chuck Out Day?

I will look forward to learning more from the rest of the members. In fact, I will ask my best friend to join this group as well. She is the Dumpster Diving Queen aka dumpsterdiva

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fashion tips [Oct. 12th, 2006|07:11 am]
Living Frugally and environmentally friendly
Does anyone have any suggestions as to what kinds of clothes to buy cheaply? I am in my 30s, and my priorities with clothes are at the moment are: clothes that can be worn in very hot weather, clothes that are suitable for work (admin positions), clothes that are reaonably versatile, and (very important) that aren't going to go out of fashion too quickly. I'm not concerned about wearing exactly what's "in" at the very moment; being able to keep what I buy is what counts for me. Also I look many years younger than I am, so would also be comfortable in clothes intended for young girls (although I'm not actually sure of what difference it makes, but just so that you have some idea).

I like the idea of shopping in op shops, but don't want to spend a huge amount of time doing so, so it would be helpful if I had some idea of what I wanted and could quickly see whether or not the shop has it or not.
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