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What a nice New Community! - Living Frugally and environmentally friendly [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Living Frugally and environmentally friendly

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What a nice New Community! [Oct. 13th, 2006|10:58 am]
Living Frugally and environmentally friendly


Hello. I love living gently on this earth. We do it as a matter of lifestyle. My partner and I both belong to our local community garden and this not only helps so that we always have fresh veggies on the table, it has made an old, defunct bowling club come back to live and look beautiful. I will post some photos the next time I am there to take a few. It is amazing what our group has done in a year.

We also belong to freecycle.org and I would encourage anyone to join. It is free, easy and all you have to do is join and offer up something you no longer use that is still in fair shape..anything will do. Then you are free to partake of the bounty.

Another thing we do for fun is dumpster dive. It may seem silly but it really is quite fun. We mostly dive a gourmet produce market {all the old produce is chucked out into a clean, cardboard box stapled to a pallet so nothing is 'tainted'} We also find loads of bread and pastries out the back of bakeries. Any bread that has nuts or fruit in it must be disposed of at the close of business in our area, it is still in it's original packaging and they put it in huge flour bags as well. So that also never touches a 'filthy' dumpster.

Of course, who does not appreciate an upcoming Council Chuck Out Day?

I will look forward to learning more from the rest of the members. In fact, I will ask my best friend to join this group as well. She is the Dumpster Diving Queen aka dumpsterdiva